The C9

Would you do the C9? Do you wonder what all the hype is about? Are you like how I used to be thinking “what a load of @&£!” ? I had heard, read, been added to groups on Facebook and generally accosted on social media about c9. C9 is this, that and so forth (insert crazy person, over excited statement) …it became a hazard to even log into social media!

So here I am a few years on after wondering about the C9, with Forever, to tell you that it’s brilliant! I have two friends who are signing up to do it so I will be watching them with a close eye, coaching and supporting them. It’s crucial to still eat despite “advice” that is out there. Do not starve yourself because in doing so you may possibly make yourself feel unwell. Ok? Got that? Do NOT starve yourself! Eat but eat the right food, cooked in the right way and don’t over indulge. Why Forever and not Aloe gel from say, Holland and Barret? Forever Aloe gel is far superior in its Aloe content of 97% unlike other gels that are 35%. Try it and see what you think? At least you can dislike the concept once you’ve tried it in the full knowledge of what it is. Just ping us a message and we will go from there!

If it’s not for you, forever offer a brilliant 60 day refund promise, not that refunds happen; it is success stories instead 😀