Reflexology Sessions

Reflexology – is it for me?

Reflexology is an ancient practice where the feet are massaged and gently manipulated. It doesn’t tickle! The feet have zones, areas that correspond with the body and these areas respond to pressure. Stimulating zones eases stress, pain and tension and is effective for all ailments. Medical practitioners encourage reflexology to patients as a whole person approach to illness and disease as it promotes wellbeing and aids recovery.

Reflexology sessions are 30 minutes long and at the start of treatment a medical questionnaire is completed as part of a health assessment. Please allow 45 minutes for an initial appointment. You can book individual sessions and benefit from block buying 6 or 10 sessions at a discounted rate.

£30 per session

£150 for 6 weekly or fortnightly sessions

£250 for 10 weekly or fortnightly sessions

Our mobile service is offered for Bedford and surrounding areas.Do get in touch as we can come further afield.

Group sessions are offered for pamper parties and hen weekends and cater for up to 8 people. These treatments are 15 minutes each. A reflexology evening is around 3 hours and is £150