I’m not yet 40 BUT…

img_0683Not yet 40 but I’ve had all my 40+ health checks. My blood pressure was so high I was having frequent, as in, tri-weekly hypertensive crisis, my metabolism which was amazing, has been turned on its head, arthritis and occipital neuralgia on top of Ulcerative Colitis were just making life unmanageable. I’ve gained 2 stone and gone up from a size 8 to a 12-14 since having baby number 3 7 years ago. Health hasn’t helped that. I have been nicotine free since 2005 so that adds to weight gain, along with the tiger stripes from the children.

19 pills a day and life was becoming manageable, but as a family we were still building all our plans and daily life around my fatigue and health. Good day? Bad day? Russian roulette. “How many spoons has mummy got today?”

What life is that? What affect will all this have on my girls? So, bull by the horns and all that. I’m finally ready to tackle it.

I joined Forever a month and a half ago. I cannot express what the Aloe drinking gel has done for me in terms of reduction in symptoms. It’s by no means a cure but I now blood stays where it belongs in my body put it that way!

I joined a gym 1 month ago. It’s not even a gym, it’s more of a health spa. It’s a wonderful place! Slightly superpowered. There are no disgusting changing rooms, no sweaty gym heads and everyone is pretty much around my age or older than I and friendly, kind and helpful. It’s so welcoming! #winning

Ive discovered that after all my yoga practice that I love Pilates. In just 4 weeks of bi-weekly sessions my core is improving, my hips are not jarring, my neck is not as compressed and my tension in my shoulders is lessening. I feel less old! Not testing the trampoline out just yet though.

I have managed to go from zero running and getting breathless on stairs (b12 has vanished too) to being able to do 23 minutes at a fairly steady pace without my heart going ballistic and my blood pressure leaping to unknown heights. Slow and stead, little and often.

Im petrified of being old, losing my ability to do things and as the saying goes, use it or lose it. I don’t want to keep eating high calorie, sugar filled foods to fuel the energy bursts I so desperately need but being unable to eat leaves and raw foods, along with a lot of healthy cooked foods is so hard. My stomach is often swollen and inflamed and my go to is chips or rice because I don’t end up in the bathroom if I eat those. So, no more swollen tum. No more looking at myself with horror and this potentially diabetic middle (over the 34 inches threshold). Time to make a big change! I’m already half way there as I’ve decided to decide.

I will endeavour to share my journey here and there. If I’m brave you can have a picture of my  hideous middle and hopefully I’ll have some to post of a more toned me. Marbs 2017 here I come!

Shine brightly everyone! Your journey makes you unique, embrace it!




Aloe Gel for Diabetes Treatment 

I came across an interesting article today. Given the rate of diagnosis for diabetes type 2, especially in the young, this is a natural resource that can balance the body’s glucose levels. This Dr is looking at data from 9 studies and calls for a larger, specific study into the benefits of the plant. 


C9 Day 1 Part 1

This mornings free foods were scoffed at my desk and I couldn’t even manage the shake so that will be for my dinner instead. I have switched it around which isn’t what you should do but with bowel disease this really is trial and error and I have to go with my body so I’m changing things up so it works for me. I’ve replaced all supplements with bee pollen instead. Fibre + IBD = nah, just no way! Garcinia could possibly be a little too much in my system along with gel and the Therm is a no too as it has natural caffeine sources and I can’t tolerate caffeine well unless it is in tea. It does take time to build in your system but it should be a place to start. 

So far so good! I feel far better than when I do the 5:2 on the fast days. #winning 

My C9…the night before…

So I’ve woken up and it’s 1am. A small person woke me up which I don’t mind but the zombie like sounds my husband is making are I intolerable so I’m on the top bunk. 

I have dreamt about food. Is this a grieving process? The long goodbye? I just want a Krispy Kreme peanut butter donut and my belly is growling in protest. 

As I went into the bathroom to assist the smallest one I caught a glimpses of myself with my 35 inch tummy looking unsightly. 3 children and 2 extra stone later finds me repulsed at not only how I look semi naked but horrified with myself for allowing myself to gain so much weight on my frame and my inability to eat properly. 

I guess it’s not the loss of the yummy but unhealthy food that I’m grieving for but maybe the loss of my youth, amazing metabolism and old self. Where have I gone? Where’s this potbellied stranger come from? Since when did I morph into one of those women who don’t look after themselves? 

C9 here I come. Let’s find her, let’s get her back. 

Fighting chronic illness…it’s on!¬†

So today I joined a health club. In fact I’m so over excited I purchased memberships for all the family. My bank account didn’t appreciate it but hey ho. I need a gym buddy and my kids need to get fitter, well, one in particular so she will be my swim buddy. 

I’ve booked my induction, got my kit (shopping fun!) and am ready to do this, to own my body again after ulcerative colitis ravaging me for the past 5 years. 

I’ve got insanely high blood pressure and the tablets aren’t working enough and I’m damned if I’m going on the tablets that give you nan ankles. No way! I don’t want fat ankles at 38! 

So it’s on, the fight. At the moment I can hoover the lounge and my bp rages so it’s going to be little and often, slow and steady but I need my health back. Chronic fatigue rules me and I’ve had enough. Aloe gel is working on the internal side but I don’t have my strength nor my mental wellness. Bring it on chronic disease, I’m going to own you!