L-Arginine are you friend or foe? 

The documented effects of Arginine are numerous and boy does it do what is sets out to do. Arginine is an amino acid that our bodies do produce but we also need to recieve arginine in our diet to sustain the right levels and for it to be used at the right time. Arginine is created and received in our small intestine so our diet is essential in the process. Arginine synthesises nitric oxide (NO) which protects organs against ischemic damage, functions to benefit vascular tone, insulin excretion and airway tone. 

Exercise depletes our arginine so by increasing our intake, the benefits are numerous. Arginine supports our immune system, speeds repair of damaged tissue, reduces healing time in bone injuries, reduces hypertension and is essential in triggering our metabolism. 
How is this relevant every time we exercise? If you drink Argi+ during you work out, your arteries are able to pump your blood more efficiently to all your muscles and your metabolism is kicked into action too at a higher rate. If you have a second Argi+ drink post exercise then your muscles recover faster, your metabolism keeps working to burn energy and you lessen the chances of post work out aches and pains the following day. Super useful if you’re working a muscle group you don’t normally use, changing up a routine or cycling or running further. If you suffer from sports injuries regularly, Argi+ will help repair torn muscles, ligaments and tendons and also help prevent further damage to previous injuries. You will breathe better during exercise and your blood vessels work more efficiently thanks to Arginine setting the nitric oxide to work. 

Another plus is you keep your water intake up during exercise and it tastes good too, no nasty “health” taste that makes you gag or gives you the feeling your breath is like cat urine. 

Argi+ , love it! Deinately my friend!