C9 Day 1 Part 1

This mornings free foods were scoffed at my desk and I couldn’t even manage the shake so that will be for my dinner instead. I have switched it around which isn’t what you should do but with bowel disease this really is trial and error and I have to go with my body so I’m changing things up so it works for me. I’ve replaced all supplements with bee pollen instead. Fibre + IBD = nah, just no way! Garcinia could possibly be a little too much in my system along with gel and the Therm is a no too as it has natural caffeine sources and I can’t tolerate caffeine well unless it is in tea. It does take time to build in your system but it should be a place to start. 

So far so good! I feel far better than when I do the 5:2 on the fast days. #winning 


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