Fighting chronic illness…it’s on! 

So today I joined a health club. In fact I’m so over excited I purchased memberships for all the family. My bank account didn’t appreciate it but hey ho. I need a gym buddy and my kids need to get fitter, well, one in particular so she will be my swim buddy. 

I’ve booked my induction, got my kit (shopping fun!) and am ready to do this, to own my body again after ulcerative colitis ravaging me for the past 5 years. 

I’ve got insanely high blood pressure and the tablets aren’t working enough and I’m damned if I’m going on the tablets that give you nan ankles. No way! I don’t want fat ankles at 38! 

So it’s on, the fight. At the moment I can hoover the lounge and my bp rages so it’s going to be little and often, slow and steady but I need my health back. Chronic fatigue rules me and I’ve had enough. Aloe gel is working on the internal side but I don’t have my strength nor my mental wellness. Bring it on chronic disease, I’m going to own you! 


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