Aloe every damn day! 

Aloe gel with its little but strong buddy, Joost. As a sufferer of Inflammatory Bowel Disease for 6 years I have avoided anything that my consultant hasn’t prescribed and dismissed so many fads. I only wish I had started drinking this gel before now. I am finally, after 19 tablets a day , going into remission for the 2nd time. Finally! I’ve worked up to 30mls a day as it isn’t advised us IBDers have the full dosage and I’m happy as Larry! 

If anyone would like to try it, I can obtain the gel at a very low cost and you can try. Ang purchase comes with a 60 day money back guarantee anyway so why not try it? Could it be the winning formula?! 

Forever Aloe gel is 96% inner leaf aloe so no latex, no outer leaf and no toxins. It is far superior to health shops Aloe drinks as they are whole leaf, have around a 35% aloe content and contain toxins and latex. Bleurgh, yuk. I have even researched studies in medical journals that tell me that drinking pure aloe is key to recovery….more studies are needed so I became my own lab rat. I love it! 


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